HOGANs: WAR IS OVER thumbnail

Sounding more like John Lennon than wrestling king grunt Hulk Hogan, the Battling Bolleas are giving peace a chance — their festive two year divorce battle finis.

Terry Hulk Hogan Bollea and wife Linda settled their divorce yesterday AM. "The war IS over," Linda Bollea said post -hearing in Clearwater, Florida. "I still love him. He’s the father of my children."

The Hulkster also waxed sentimental: "When you’re married to someone for 23 years … you hope for the best. We just got torn apart."

Prior to the new found Bollea love-in the two battled endlessly and accused each other of the most lurid and outrageous shennagians this side of Wrestle-a-Mania!

"Hulk is looking forward to moving on with his life and is very hopeful that he and Linda can maintain a friendship and work together as parents to their two children," Hogan’s rep said.

The dyspeptic duo have two children – Boisterous daughter Brooke, 21, and "Nefarious" Nick, 19.