Baywatch star David Hasselhoff suffers seizures, stays at the psych ward after another riotous night!

The Hoff enjoyed his post Thanksgiving Day respite with a weekend for one at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being placed on involuntary psychiatric hold.

According to, The Hoff, who has long battled demon rum, was rushed to the ER in an ambulance from his home Friday morning to the hospital when he began spasming and exhibiting seizure like convulsions.

Despite California law allowing the hospital to hold anyone  for up to 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation, the Hoff was released on Sunday afternoon in far less time than the law prescribed mandate.

The ENQUIRER has reported that the troubled star has checked in and out the revolving door of rehab several times.

But David wasn’t the only one hitting the bottle this holiday weekend.

Hoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach, the mother of his two daughters, failed the breathalyzer and was busted for DUI Saturday night.  She was later released Sunday AM arrested after posting a $15K bail. CLICK HERE for more deets.