Granddad dies, dada Michael disses Dina. Lindsay offers olive branch?!

After being doubly dissed by bloggin’ Sapphic twosome Sam Ronson and  Lindsay, estranged papa emeritus Michael Lohan claims an historic peace accord has been reached after his father Richard Lohan has died,  prompting a brief but uneasy truce allegedly between father and daughter.

"I was holding him, laying (sic) in bed with him when he died," Michael Lohan told anyone within earshot who would listen.

"Lindsay did reach out to me. 

"She said, ‘Now papa has found peace and maybe we can find peace in our lives, too.’ "

It seems like just yesterday (it was) Michael was threatening to do a one hour TV super-spectacular tell-all on the entire Lohan clan.

Let’s see if this lasts through the weekend…