Hillary Clinton is balking at spilling sordid secrets in her $8 million book — and a behind-the-scenes war with her publisher is getting ugly!

The ENQUIRER has learned that Hillary’s tardiness in finishing her White House memoirs is only half the story. The real battle is over what’s going to be in the book — and what’s not.

“Simon & Schuster shelled out one of the biggest advances in history for the form-er First Lady to write a down-and-dirty tell-all,” a well-placed publishing source told The ENQUIRER.

“At the time, the Clinton marriage seemed to be disintegrating and Hillary told them she’d be totally candid — because she didn’t expect to be married to Bill when the book came out.

“But the Clintons are somehow keeping their marriage afloat.

“So Hillary is backing away from writing a detailed account of Bill’s sexual adventures — from Arkansas to Monica — and of her personal feelings.

“She now plans to turn the book into a sanitized version of her life, along with tips for women on how to hold it together while not tarnishing the ideals of feminism.

“Instead of finally revealing the truth about her marriage, it looks like Hillary’s book will be a whitewash.

“The folks at Simon & Schuster are livid — and they’ve told her so.”

Hillary’s book was due to be on store shelves in August. To meet that deadline, the book had to be at the printers by May.

“But Hillary’s not only late with her manuscript, she has no title for it!” the source added.

“With no manuscript and no title, there can be no marketing campaign and few advance sales.”

But Hillary’s not the only Clinton with a book problem.

Hubby Bill inked an even more stunning deal — for $12 million — and he hasn’t even started writing yet!

“He needs his story to be in sync with whatever Hillary says — and since she hasn’t said anything yet, he can’t get very far,” said another publishing insider.

“By next year, there could well be two publishers with two very big gripes against two very troublesome Clintons.”