Want the low-down on socialite Denise Rich’s suspected affair with Bill Clinton in the White House? You won’t read about it in her planned tell-all book.

That’s because Hillary Clinton has torpedoed the project, titled “Pardon Me!” for fear that it would hurt her political career!

The book was to have been a memoir about Denise’s life disclosing how the millionairess — a big contributor to Democratic Party causes — won a pardon from President Clinton for her ex-husband, fugitive financier Marc Rich.

But Hillary, who’s writing her own memoirs and is expected to minimize the embarrassing Clinton pardon, got Bill to pressure Denise into backing out of the publishing deal.

“Denise was adamant about telling her side of the controversial Clinton pardon of her tax-evading former husband and stinging allegations of an affair with Bill,” a New York publishing insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Denise signed a deal with a Virginia-based publisher, but now the book’s been canceled.

“Denise had no intention of canceling the book but under secret pressure from Hillary, Bill made the call — and Denise gave in,” said the insider.

“Hillary told Bill she would tolerate no more humiliation over his affairs — past or present — and did not want her constituency in New York State reading about his alleged dalliances with Denise. Hillary said: ‘End of Story’ — and it was.”

A source close to Hillary disclosed: “Hillary suspects Denise of having had an affair with Bill and sees anything she says in print as a potential bombshell that could blow her senatorial career sky high.

“She’s told confidants, ‘I think history will judge that Bill made a big mistake getting Marc pardoned. And I’m not standing by while Denise writes about how she did it.’ “

The Clinton pardon allowed Marc Rich, 67, to avoid prosecution on more than 50 counts alleging racketeering, wire fraud, $48 million in income tax evasion and illegal oil trading with Iran.

“Denise is a big, buxom blonde, just the type that Bill goes for, and she made nearly 20 visits to the White House getting real cozy with the President,” said another source.

“She received more than $500 million in her divorce from Marc and still has strong ties with him through their children.

“Hillary suspects she picked up millions more by getting Marc the pardon.

“When Hillary heard Denise was writing a book, she went crazy. But now she’s rejoicing!”