MILEY CYRUS’ BF LIAM HEMSWORTH wants to erase all evidence of the former Disney star’s wild antics – beginning with her nine tattoos.

The pop star’s beau Hemsworth, 22, is so determined to get Miley to change her ever-growing raunchy image, he laid down the law, telling her to lose the tattoos or she loses him.

“Liam is much more straitlaced than Miley, and he hates the trashy look she sometimes favors,” said the close source.

“They’ve had some heated fights over her body ink. He says it will permanently typecast her as a bad girl.”

 “The Hunger Games” Down Under hunk is thinking of the future, according to the source.

“If they start a family together, he doesn’t want the mother of his children sending the message that it’s OK to desecrate your body.”

When Miley showed off her latest skin art – an equal sign etched on her finger – the source says Liam blew up, telling her: “I hate it. Get rid of them all!”

The former “Hannah Montana” star has nine tattoos – including a large image of a dream catcher on her right side, the words “just breathe” under her breast, and the word “love” inscribed on the inside of her ear.

Miley’s also getting a reputation for wild antics, which include wearing a breast-revealing top while shopping in Chile, simulating sex with a phallic-shaped cake and calling herself a “stoner” in a party videotape.

But on Nov. 22, the day before her 19th birthday, Miley was spotted visiting an office that specializes in laser tattoo removal and has begun the process of having the ink removed, said the source.

“It’s very painful to remove the tattoos, but Miley says it’s worth it if it means keeping Liam happy.”