Supermodel Heidi Klum split with her hubby of five years Ric Pipino after they became victims of their own success.

Their hectic schedules frequently kept them apart, but the two put on such happy faces that their sudden separation, announced November 25, caught friends by complete surprise.

Revealed an insider, “There’s been no hint of any trouble in their relationship at all. The news really came as a shock.”

As recently as last May Heidi was talking about starting a family with Ric.

“I would love to have a baby soon,” the 29-year-old beauty told an interviewer. “I do get quite broody which is why we got a dog. He’s gorgeous but we would love to have a baby.”

Heidi is a globe-trotting model, who recently hosted CBS’ “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” Her husband, who’s nearly 15 years her senior, is a much-in-demand celebrity hairstylist with shops in Miami and New York. The two were introduced by friends.

Unfortunately, their ambition harmed the marriage, said the insider.

“It’s hard to maintain a relationship when you’re never in the same town.”

Rumors flew recently about Klum’s relationship with singer Jay Kay, the front man for the group Jamiroquai. The two met when Klum appeared in the video for the group’s single “Love Foolosophy.” Then they were spotted at a British awards event and were seen together at trendy London restaurants.

But the insider insists it wasn’t another man that broke up the marriage.

And Klum spokeswoman Desiree Gruber told The ENQUIRER: “The split is amicable. They will both continue to live in New York City and will stay good friends. There are currently no plans to divorce.”