Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss learned that her live-in boyfriend actor Tom Sizemore was cheating on her with hookers — and now she’s given him the boot!

Furious Fleiss put an end to her yearlong relationship with the “Black Hawk Down” hunk, after friends told Heidi about an ENQUIRER story detailing Tom’s out-of-town sexcapades, a source close to Heidi revealed. She walked out of the swank Beverly Hills home she shared with him after a screaming argument.

“Heidi heard The ENQUIRER had Tom nailed cold — and she confronted him about it,” the source said. “She read him the riot act — which is pretty funny, a former madam going after her boyfriend for being with hookers!

“Tom tried to talk his way out of it, but Heidi wouldn’t listen. She finally walked out the door — and friends don’t think she’ll be back!”

The June 4 issue of The ENQUIRER revealed that Sizemore ordered up numerous pretty young prostitutes while on location filming “Dreamcatcher” in Vancouver and Prince George, British Columbia.

The story detailed how Tom spent $5,000 in one weekend on hookers — sometimes ordering up two girls at once — and quoted sources who described how Heidi phoned Tom’s room one day and the actor carried on a conversation with her while a hooker lay beside him in bed.

“When Heidi got wind of the story she blew her top,” the source said. “She’s had the tables turned on her — and she doesn’t like it at all.

“There was a time after her arrest when all of Hollywood quaked at what revelations might be hiding inside her little black book of customers. Now she’s standing in the shoes of many an innocent wife or girlfriend of her former male clients — and she doesn’t like it one bit.

“She used to think there were no victims involved in her call-girl operation — but now she sees the hurt that went with her seedy business.

“She’s walked away from Tom, and says she needs time to think. But she’s changed a lot since her madam days — and friends are betting that she and Tom are kaput!”