Tubby Christina Aguilera is throwing her weight around on “The Voice” set, insiders say, and that’s hit­ting a sour note with the show’s crew and her fellow coaches!

“Christina has turned into a bullying diva,” an in­sider told The ENQUIRER. “In interviews, she likes to say that she’s at peace with her new curves, but that’s not how she really feels.”

A petite 5-foot-2,the 31-year-old Grammy winner once weighed a super-slim 100 pounds. But the “Dirrty” singer re­cently ballooned to around 140 pounds, and she’s desperate to hide the extra weight for the new season of the NBC talent show that was launching Feb. 5, said the source.

“Christina holds up pro­duction with her constant demands, saying, ‘Don’t make me look fat’ or ‘Don’t show my butt,’ ” the insider revealed.

“She’s insisted the cam­eramen only shoot her at flattering angles, forcing a few segments to be reshot. She also demands that the stylists bring her the latest slimming fashions, and she’s always ordering the makeup artists to make her face look thin­ner.”

While Christina’sbe­havior has ticked off her fellow coaches, country star Blake Shelton and “Crazy” singer Cee Lo Green, Maroon 5 front­man Adam Levine is the most vocal about her antics, confided the source.

“Blake and Cee Lo get annoyed at Christina’s silly requests, but Adam really can’t stand it,” ex­plained the insider.

“He’s the first one to say that she’s unpro­fessional and producers shouldn’t reshoot takes just because she doesn’t like how she looks. But Christina doesn’t care what anyone, es­pecially skinny little Adam, thinks.

"She just rolls her eyes at him and tries to make sure she looks good for the cam­eras.”