Memo to Heather Locklear: Next time you’re discussing what goes on in your bedroom, make sure you get the name of your husband right!

Heather made a major marital boo-boo on a recent episode of “Live with Regis and Kelly,” when she mistakenly invoked the name of her ex-husband – bad-boy Tommy Lee, whom she divorced in 1993 – while talking about her current home life with rocker Richie Sambora.

And things went from bad to curse for the former “Spin City” star when she exploded with an on-air expletive after she realized her mistake!


The Freudian slip came while she was appearing on the September 13 edition of “Live” to promote her new show “LAX.” Heather started telling a story about how her daughter, burgeoning actress Ava, 7, likes to pretend to cry and watches herself in the mirror on the ceiling above her parents’ bed. But with all the talk of mirrored ceilings and beds, a flustered Heather mistakenly referred to her husband as “To, To . . . ,” almost working Tommy Lee into the story.


Catching herself, she cursed, then said, “Oh, shoot! I said the wrong name, the wrong word, oh gosh!”

“All I said was ‘mirrors,'” Regis replied. Kelly, rushing to Heather’s aid, chirped: “We can probably bleep that out.”

Then frazzled Heather tried to explain: “I had this bed before. It has nothing to do with us. And so my child comes in the middle of the night and she gets in between Richie and I and there’s these mirrors and she starts crying like she wants to get in or stay in . . .”

At which point, Regis smartly went to a commercial break.