ROCKER Tommy Lee has been so tormented by nightmares over the drowning death of a 4-year-old boy at his Malibu home that he’s put the house up for sale.

The former Motley Crue drummer, 40, has never fully recovered from the June 2001 tragedy in which little Daniel Veres died while attending a birthday party for Tommy’s son Brandon.

Now Tommy is looking to move out and move on with his new fiancée Mayte Garcia — the ex-wife of musician Prince.

“Tommy’s at the breaking point over the drowning incident,” an insider declared. “The boy’s death has cast a pall over everything he does in the Malibu home.

“Tommy cries on a regular basis about Daniel, and it still eats away at him that he wasn’t able to do anything to save him.

“Tommy’s told friends he still has horrible nightmares and keeps hearing voices in his head — like little children crying — and it’s driving him crazy.”

Compounding Tommy’s woes is that he’s still embroiled in a lawsuit from the drowned boy’s parents. Although the child was in the care of two nannies at various times during the fateful day, Daniel’s parents James and Ursula allege that Pamela Anderson’s ex failed to supervise the pool and had no one available to perform CPR or first aid.

Tommy may get a last-minute reprieve at a hearing to dismiss the case on March 3. Otherwise, it’s set to go to trial April 2.

“Tommy has been raked over the coals for the drowning,” said a source close to the drummer. Not only are Daniel’s parents after Tommy, but ex-wife Pamela dragged the incident into the custody battle over their sons Brandon and Dylan.

“The latest word is that Tommy and Pam have finally settled the custody battle and the agreement reportedly allows Pam to take the kids to Detroit to live with her and Kid Rock. Tommy is allowed more visitation time, but it kills him that his sons are moving out of state.”

The insider added:

“Tommy is still a basket case about Daniel. He tells Mayte that every time he looks at his own kids he sees Daniel’s face!”