Gina Gershon spooked – and she’s not alone!

When the Showgirls thesp was a college student at NYU she was haunted by a weird, balding fat ghost who attacked while she slept!

"I kept having violent nightmares," Gershon explains in upcoming Biography Channel special Celebrity Ghost Stories. "I would wake up with scratches and bruises."

Former Go-Gos heartthrob Belinda Carlisle also faced night terrors when she was mauled by an indescribable horror beyond the pale of knownl existence.

"I woke up all of a sudden to this thing," Carlisle said. "It wouldn’t let me breathe; it just kept choking me.

"I thought I was going to die."

Dracula star Bela Lugosi’s son, Bela Jr. is a Los Angeles entertainment litigator who was once involved in the five month-long jury trial debating the rights to The Three Stooges.

Now that’s scary!