FRIENDS of troubled “Two and a Half Men” star Angus T. Jones fear he could have been brainwashed by a dangerous religious “cult” – and they’re desperate to get him checked into a mental ward!

The 19-year-old actor, who earns a whopping $350,000 an episode playing dimwitted Jake Harper on the popular sitcom, shocked fans in late November when he posted a video on YouTube decrying the show as “filth” and urging viewers to stop tuning in.

“You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that,” he railed. “I know I can’t.”

In the video, Angus was joined by his controversial religious guru Christopher Hudson, a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher known for having extreme views and being anti- Hollywood and against liberal Amer­ica. Friends are afraid that Angus may have been targeted by Hudson and his group because he’s wealthy and has a troubled family history.

As The ENQUIRER previously re­ported, both of his parents have had run-ins with the law, and his uncle is serving time in prison for murder.

“Angus’ religious rant was a cry for help and an emotional breakdown all in one,” said a source close to the popular CBS show. “Many of his friends on ‘Men’ want to stage an intervention to get him into serious round-the-clock therapy.”

People like his TV dad Jon Cryer and show creator-producer Chuck Lorre consider themselves Angus’ “uncles” and are especially worried that he’s gone over the edge, added the source.

“He makes a bundle of money and friends feel he’s being manipulated because he is rich.”