Britain’s Prince Harry is out of control — despite being sent to a detox clinic by his father Prince Charles, the 17-year-old is still drinking and drugging.

“The royal family is trying to hush things up, but the ugly truth is Harry’s been drinking and smoking marijuana since he was 13,” said a royal insider. “And he’s still smoking grass and cavorting with women like there’s no tomorrow.”

Sources say the root of the Prince’s wild ways is his resentment of his big brother, Prince William, who is expected to be king. Harry revealed his jealousy when Prince Charles confronted him after he was caught smoking pot with friends at a party in the family home of Highgrove.

“Harry complained to his dad that he was always in the background and William got all the attention,” the insider said. “He said he felt like a second-class citizen.”

Prince Charles tried to scare his wayward son straight by sending him to a London clinic run by Phoenix House, where the troubled young Prince attended therapy sessions with hardcore addicts who described their nightmare lives while on drugs. But staff at Highgrove say he wasn’t particularly impressed by his visit to detox — and insiders say his wild ways are continuing.

“The Prince says he’s never going to become a hardcore drug user and that he’s still getting high,” said one royal watcher. “He told his friends, ‘When I smoke now, the big thing is to make sure I don’t get caught.'”

But a palace spokesman insists that Harry’s clean now, saying: “This is a serious matter which was resolved within the family.”