Grotesque skin tumor sparks fears as insiders cringe — does HARRISON FORD have cancer?

The 70-year-old “Indiana Jones” actor has what several top medical experts be­lieve could be a malignant skin tumor on his nose.

And while the blemish – likely a basal cell carcinoma, according to doctors – is not life-threatening, Harrison could soon face surgery that might threaten his image as a Hollywood lead­ing man!

And it has his wife Calista Flockhart, 47, con­cerned, say sources.

“Harrison usually takes these things in stride,” said an insider. “But Calista is much younger than Harrison, so she naturally worries about his health.

“He’s a great dad to her son, Liam, so Calista lives in dread of anything happen­ing to Harrison.

“Meanwhile, Harrison may have to worry about how having surgery on the tumor would affect his looks, but at least he has the best medical help money can buy.”

The couple put on a rare public display of affection as they watched 11-year-old Liam play soccer near their home in Brentwood, Calif., on Oct. 20. Both were wearing base­ball caps to shield the sun from their faces, but the unsightly mark was clearly visible on the Hollywood vet­eran’s face.

Dr. Jerome Litt, a dermatologist in Cleveland, Ohio, and author of “Your Skin from A to Z,” examined photos of Harrison and believes the actor has a basal cell carcinoma, a tumor that doesn’t spread to the internal organs.

“We used to see this in the old days on sailors or farmers who were out in the sun for a lifetime,” he said. “If left untreated, the cancer eats into itself but doesn’t enter the bloodstream. So while it is not life-threatening, it can cause disfiguration.”

Another expert, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joel Schlessinger, said it appears to him that the actor had a procedure to remove the tu­mor and then began reconstructive surgery to cover the scar.

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