PAUL McCARTNEY’S wife Heather is to blame for a public feud between the former Beatle and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono.

Insiders say Heather wanted Paul to get more recognition for Beatles songs he wrote by himself. So she pushed him to ignore a 40-year tradition that put John’s name first on credits for Beatles songs, no matter who did more work or even if one of them wrote the song alone.

The result: the credits for 19 classic Beatles hits on Paul’s new album “Back In The U.S. Live 2002” read, “By Paul McCartney and John Lennon.”

The flip-flop has Yoko upset, and Paul firing back: “There is no need for anybody to get their knickers in a twist.”

Said a music industry insider: “Heather’s a strong-willed woman and she’s told Paul he should fight for his place in pop history. She’s got Paul so wound up about this, he comes off looking like a prima donna.”

Beatles biographer Philip Norman, said 60-year-old Paul is acting “like a spoiled diva who’s trying to rewrite the past,” and that 34-year-old Heather “seems to pander to his vanities,” encouraging him to dye his hair and “smile proudly when she describes how they have sex four times a day.”

Said the insider: “Paul should be above all this.

“He should stop listening to Heather.”