Published on: February 9, 2012
Photography by: Getty

UPDATE 2/10 6 PM: The menace of the escaped MADONNA stalker who wanted to slash HALLE BERRY has been caught and is back in the mental hospital. PHEW!


HALLE BERRY and her daughter Nahla want to flee Hollywood and move to France as she fears for her life! 

The stalker who threatened Madonna in the 1990s has now set his evil sights on Halle, 45, who plans to flee to boyfriend Oliver Martinez’s home.

 “Friends are scared for her life because Robert Hoskins wants to kill her,” an insider told RadarOnline.com. “She is terrified for her safety.

 “The LAPD told Halle that Hoskins threatened: ‘I’m going to kill that bitch, I’m going to cut her throat.’”

The homeless man from California rose to infamy when he was arrested in May 1995 for making terrorist threats against Madonna.

 He claimed that she was his wife, and when she rejected his proposals, he threatened to slice her throat from ear to ear and also said he would kill her bodyguards.

Rather than making empty threats, Hoskins scaled the walls of Madonna’s house and tried to steal her security guard’s gun, who was forced to shoot him in self-defense.

After serving a 10-year prison sentence, the unstable man got out last year and was then sent to a psychiatric hospital near Los Angeles, but now he is on the loose and after Halle.

 “When he came out of prison, he said: ‘F**k Madonna, I want to cut Halle Berry’s throat,’” a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com.

“They sent him to Metropolitan State Hospital last fall but he escaped on Tuesday, and it’s really frightening because he told everyone there that he was going to kill Halle.

 “Halle has hired 24-hour guarded security at her home and the LAPD has been visiting her since the escape,” revealed the insider.

“The police are serious about this guy because he always travels with a knife and gun.”