AFTER A STRING of failed romances, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow has finally settled on the guy she wants to walk down the aisle with — hunky actor Luke Wilson.

After dating Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Heinz Ketchup heir Chris Heinz and others, a delighted Gwyneth has found husband material on the set of her upcoming flick “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

“Gwyneth has truly hit on Mr. Right with Mr Wilson,” revealed a friend of the actress.

“They’re already making plans to walk down the aisle.”

Gwyneth looked like she was preparing for a honeymoon when she went shopping with pal Liv Tyler recently. They were spotted buying sexy underwear at Shop, a New York boutique.

As the ENQUIRER reported in our July 24 issue, lovebirds Gwyneth and Luke spent several days and nights together in a house in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades area and cavorted on a nearby beach.

And the two have spent romantic time together in Majorca, Spain, New York and Luke’s hometown in Dallas, where Gwyneth recently feted the actor on his 30th birthday!

Lucky Luke, who dated Drew Barrymore throughout 1997 and 1998, has far exceeded the expiration date the actress puts on most of her lovers.

The beauty recently confessed to a reporter, “I’m a very sexual person. I’m lucky if I get past six weeks. The make or break is six weeks.”

Noted the friend: “Luke’s bested the sex-week mark many times over now, proving he’s more than enough man for Gwyneth.

“She always had trouble in the past with commitment, but not with Luke. She recently told a pal he’s the one she’s going to marry.

“Luke meets Gwyneth’s demanding criteria — he’s tall, thin and muscular. Luke’s also artistic — he writes as well as acts — and is witty, gentlemanly and a great kisser.

“She’s confided her altar ambitions with Luke to former lover and close friend Ben Affleck. And Ben, who Gwyneth greatly respects and admires, has given his stamp of approval.

“Her mom and pop, Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, have also given Luke the thumbs up.”

Disclosed an insider: “Gwyneth and Luke are planning on a quiet wedding sometime next year.”