On the cusp of international fame because of the blockbusters success of GOTG, CHRIS PRATT is nursing a broken heart.

After having saved an entire galaxy Chris Pratt made sure to take care of someone else – his father.

Dan Pratt father, passed away on June 30 after a 20-year battle with multiple sclerosis – the same deadly disease that claimed the life of Disney star Annette Funicello.

 But Chris didn’t let his summer success get in the way of family.

Although Chris was “very private” about the relationship he had with his dad, who coached him in football when he was younger, a family insider said that Chris was there for his dad until the ver end. And when his family had trouble affording the costs, he gave a helping hand.

“Chris told him, ‘Don’t worry, Dad, I got this.’ He paid for virtually all of his medical care and made sure he was very comfortable at the end of his life,” the insider revealed.

Dan worked as an independent contractor building houses, so he didn’t receive a pension. And while he received disability, it just wasn’t enough.

“He may be the star of Guardians of the Galaxy, now but he’s just a humble son who loved his dad to the end who loved his dad to the end,” the insider added.

After his father passed away, Chris flew his mom out to New Orleans so the family could host a private memorial while he filmed Jurassic World.