Maryland judge rules in favor of TLC against alleged contract breacher Jon Gosselin.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Michael D. Mason granted TLC a preliminary injunction, pending outcome of an April 19 trial, ruling Jon Gosselin stop making media appearances and endorsements the TLC network claim violates his contract

A Vegas pool party with bikini-clad groupies that the reality TV lothario hosted was cited as an example in court.

Gosselin lawyer Mark Heller said he was confident Jon would eventually win the case, even suggesting TLC, owned by Discovery Communications, would choose to settle the breach-of-contract suit, so production would resume on JK8

"Jon Gosselin holds the key to the Jon & Kate Plus 8 brand," Heller said..

TLC has since retooled the retitled show featuring estranged Kate and it has resumed production.

Meanwhile Gosselin  filed a countersuit claiming TLC’s contract violated Pennsylvania child labor laws.

 Evidently THAT was not a problem when Jon was getting a payday of $225,000 per ep which Jon admitted to Larry King.

Gosselin was not present in the courthouse and his legal team presented no evidence.