KATE GOSSELIN is so obsessed with making money that she’s suffering a major meltdown and her kids are turning against her, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The overwhelmed single mom leaves her children mostly in the hands of nannies, and now they prefer to spend time with their dad Jon, insiders say.

"Kate’s stressed to the max because she’s responsible for the family’s entire income," said a source close to the star of TLC’s Kate Plus 8.

"When she’s not with the kids, she’s hustling for work.

She knows that she’s not spending enough time with them, but she needs to earn the money to support them all..

The family’s estate in Wernersville, Pa., is more like a corporate office than a family home, added another source.

"Everything is for show. You’re not there unless you or someone is being paid," divulged an insider.

"Kate always says the kids love filming, and they do – because it forces her to interact with them."

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