Weeks after being dumped by her married bodyguard, Steve Neild, KATE GOSSELIN has now been abandoned by her former BFF!

Beth Carson has broken ties with the reality TV mom over her pursuit of fame and fortune at the expense of her children.

“My interest from day one was seeing that the kids got the care they needed,” Beth – who frequently cared for Kate’s sextuplets – said in a new interview.

“Once it stopped being about the kids, and turned to fame and money, I was out. (Kate’s) choice was to put her focus on the show (“Jon & Kate Plus Eight”) and making the most money. So I felt that maybe she lost a little integrity, and it was better for me and my family to take the high road and get out.”

For Beth, the final straw came when she and Kate got into a money dispute over the book they co-authored, “Multiple Blessings,” in 2008.

“We agreed on a 50/50 split and it was fair,” Beth told the source. But after the book was published, “Kate tried diligently to get my name removed from everything and take my cut,” said Beth. “Luckily, I’d covered my butt with a lawyer. But it was a smack in the face.”

Meanwhile, as The ENQUIRER recently reported, bodyguard Steve quit working for Kate, and returned home to his wife Gina and their two sons. Rumors have long swirled that Steve, 51, and Kate, 39, were romantically involved, and the two caught a “One Direction” concert together on Aug. 5 with Kate’s 13-yearold twin daughters.

“Kate and Steve are still friends,” said an insider. “They will always have a connection.”