GORDON RAMSAY will NEVER divorce his wife of 16 years. The terror of the kitchen is terrified she’ll take him to the cleaners.

And the foul-mouthed ce­lebrity chef has a LOT to lose!

The industry magazine “Adweek” recently revealed that Ramsay has a lot of eggs in his basket.

His shows – including “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Kitchen Night­mares,” “MasterChef” and “Hotel Hell” – brought in $185 million in ad sales for FOX TV in the last year. In 2012, “Forbes” put Ramsay’s yearly take at $38 million, and he’s reportedly worth $118 million.

Gordon, 46, and Tana, 39, married in 1996 and have four kids together. There have been reports of trouble in their marriage and if they divorce, Tana could walk away with half her husband’s staggering fortune. That’s why Gordon “may curse a blue streak around other people but is a pussycat around her,” said a pal.

“She’s the only person I know who puts the fear of God in him, because she could hurt him badly – in the pocketbook!”

Beautiful Tana has stood lovingly by her hubby, even when sexy Sarah Symonds said she had a frying-pan hot affair with Ramsay, and there are even rumors of a raunchy sex video with him. Ramsay denied the affair.

“Tana’s been through a lot with Gordon and never wavered,” the source continued. “Also, Gordon’s fame has rubbed off on her. Tana’s appeared on several British TV shows and has written six books about food.”

But the chef’s wife knows she’d get a lot more if he gives her a reason to leave.

“Gordon feels divorce is out of the question,” added the source. “She’s the only person I know who puts the fear of God in him”