Bristol Palin‘s fiancé Levi Johnston blabs.

The Teen Prego Queen of Wasilla‘s baby mama dada, Levi Johnston, 18, told AP, "It’s pretty chill" as he checked his Blackberry for incoming. "They’re not telling me anything right now."

He denied being held against his will or being forced into a shotgun marriage by the McCain-Palin Republican campaign.  Levi was put on display while seated with the Palins at the GOP convention.

"At first, I was nervous," he said. "Then I was like, ‘Whatever.’"

His baby with the underage Bristol Palin is due December 18 and the former high school hockey hellion has since dropped out.  Levi’s now working on the North Slope oil fields as an electrical apprentice.  The North Slope is as far north as you can get in Alaska – just south of the Arctic Circle.  Pretty chill, indeed.

Levi  hinted Bristol is expecting a boy. "I’m looking forward to having him," he said. "I’m going to take him hunting and fishing."

Johnston who didn’t register in time to vote was asked by the news agency about his politics.

"He (Obama) seems like a good guy," Levi confessed. "I like him."

For you High School teachers speaking to your students about the Great Teen Prego Crisis and The Presidential Election of 2008 here’s the salient story points to discuss:

Story checklist: Palin baby mama dada, great white hunter, high school dropout, likes Obama but his "future mother-in-law better win!"

Anything to get off the North Slope tundra and  to the sunny climes of D.C., right Levi?