Anthony Puzo, son of The Godfather creator Mario Puzo, has sued Paramount Pictures.

Puzo claims the studio owes $1 mil in back royalties from a video game based on the mob franchise.

The suit is seeking damages for a game manufacturer which wasn’t named in the suit.

Puzo says he reps his father’s estate says the Paramount misreporting of royalties constitutes a breach of the contract. 

Before Mario Puzo died in 1999, he entered into an agreement to receive "a significant share of any revenues derived from The Godfather films’ elements, the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court stated.

The suit claims that the agreement was signed because Puzo was a "relatively unknown author, struggling to support his family" when Paramount approached him about licensing the property for "an extremely low price.”

No doubt attorneys for both sides will make an offer to settle no one will refuse.