JACK NICHOLSON still partying to beat the band at age 75 and young hotties want to get sexy with the AARP lover doll!

“Jack still goes for wild women, late-night booze fests and gam­bling – only now everything goes down at his L.A. estate,” a pal close to the aging Lothario told The ENQUIRER.

“Unless it’s for a Lakers game or work, Jack rarely leaves his house. But he’s certainly not re­tired from the night life.

“He has all the latest movies sent over, and with his incredible chef and extensive wine cellar there’s always plenty of food and booze on hand if he’s in the mood for a spontaneous house party!”

The three-time Oscar winner – for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Terms of Endearment” and “As Good As It Gets” – still keeps a flock of gorgeous young actresses and model-types on speed-dial.

“Jack refers to them as his ‘lady friends,’ ” said the source.

“He likes to believe that he’s a ‘mentor’ to these sexy women, and he covers their rent or car payments if they need it just to make sure they’re available when he wants female company.”

While the devilish charmer is embracing his golden years, “that doesn’t mean Jack is slacking off chasing women,” added the source.

“Jack may have turned into a homebody, but his version of ‘stay­ing in’ could put younger ‘players’ to shame! He’s the coolest, AARP card-carrying, stay-at-home bad boy in town!”