Iconic sex bomb GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA’s  bizarre  legal war against toyboy ex on claims he married her by proxy to get his hands on her fortune.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Gina,85, confirmed she has filed a formal complaint in Rome on against former lover, Javier Rigau y Rafols, a citizen of Spain. Rigau is reputedly between 44 and 51 years old.

Their torrid May-December  relationship lasted for over 20 years after they met at a soiree in Monte Carlo during the 1980s.

Gina alleges in the bombshell lawsuit that  Rigau married an imposter who claimed to be Gina in a civil marriage ceremony in Barcelona held in 2010.

The so-called marriage certificate would make Rigau the principal heir to Gina’s estate.

“This vile and dishonest person married me by proxy, without my knowledge, without my permission, in order to inherit my estate after my death,” Lollobrigida said.

“There will be an international investigation into everything because I want to shed light on this squalid affair and all the people involved.”

According to Lollobrigida, Rigau had  obtained a power of attorney in order to help her deal with some thorny legal issues and then that gave him the cajones to pull off his bogus marriage ceremony.

Gina said she discovered the fake marriage only after coming across an online document purporting that she was married to Rigau.

“I found a document in which it seems that in November 2010 he became my husband, before eight witnesses,” she said.  “I fear he took advantage of the fact that I don’t understand Spanish. Who knows what it is he had me sign?”

Gina retired from acting 15 years ago after accruing multiple awards and stealing the scene from such Hollywood leading men as Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Clint Eastwood and Yul Brynner.