The new Gilligan’s Island film will feature sex-crazed castaways cavorting in the nude. PLUS: The truth about The Skipper and his "little buddy"!

Gilligan’s Island
, the classic ’60s TV show, is headed to the big screen with a racy story line that includes nudity – and the widow of Bob Denver, the original "little buddy," is appalled!

"My God, Mary Ann running around naked? I can see spicing it up a bit, but not to that extent," Dreama Denver told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

And there was never any hint of hanky-panky in the wholesome TV era of the 1960s when Gilligan’s Island first aired.

But the new Warner Bros. flick is going to exploit modern adult themes of sex and drugs, and the characters’ backgrounds have now been rewritten ala Lost.

The movie reportedly has the Skipper and Gilligan going AWOL from the Coast Guard, after the Skipper runs afoul of drug dealers.

The millionaire and his wife – Thurston Howell III and Lovey – are trying to rekindle their romance after he’s lost his job with a corrupt power company.

AND Mary Ann is constantly getting naked and going: "Oops! Thought no one was about!"

Meanwhile, the Professor is shown lusting after both Ginger and Mary Ann.

Casting for the movie is undecided, although reports say that "Scrubs" star Zach Braff is being considered for Gilligan.

"In my heart, no one can replace Bob as Gilligan," said Dreama.

"One thing for certain, whoever the new Gilligan is, he’ll make a lot more money for doing that one movie than Bob or the other castaways ever did in their lifetime.

"Bob and the rest never received royalties."