Bad karma as BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON memorial decimated by insect scourge of death – beetles!

In a case of weird science phantasmagoria The LA Times reported that a pine tree that was enshrined in memory of the most metaphysical Beatle, George, was devastated by bark beetles.

The memorial tree was planted in Griffith Park in 2004 after George departed this mortal veil.

The tree had risen  ten feet by 2014.

LA Councilman Tom La Bonge said a new tree would be planted in the foreseeable future.

George had spent his final moments in LA before succumbing to lung cancer in 2001.

An avid gardener and practitioner of Indian philosophy and religion, George was oft amused by the seeming contradictory nature of being.

He once said his biggest break in life was getting into The Beatles – his second biggest was getting out.

Even more ironic and karmic might be if George had been reincarnated as a bark beetle – and then destroyed his own memorial tree.