Love just isn’t in the cards for George Clooney — and the handsome “Ocean’s Eleven” star likes it that way!

Clooney has garnered a reputation throughout Hollywood as a ladies’ man and has been linked to a long string of women, including actresses Kelly Preston and Renee Zellweger and models Lisa Snowdon and Celine Balitran.

But today at age 40, he doesn’t have — or want — a steady girlfriend!

“George is Hollywood’s most notorious confirmed bachelor — and he has the wackiest love life imaginable,” an insider declared.

“George’s idea of settling down is for the night or a couple of nights with his latest conquest.

“He says he’s having too much fun playing the field to want to settle down.

“George loves going to strip clubs like the 4 Play in L.A. He loves having attention showered on him by exotic dancers.

“One week he’ll be with a model like sexy Lisa Snowdon. And the next, he’ll be seen with a new mystery gal.

Clooney was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 1997.

“Most recently, George was observed heading back to the Dorchester Hotel in London with an unidentified blonde beauty at 4 a.m. after partying all night at the Noble Rot club.

“No woman has ever tamed him, though many have tried and had their hearts broken as a result.

“But it’s their own fault — he warns every lady friend that he is not the type to settle down.”

Clooney was married once, to Talia Balsam, daughter of actor Martin Balsam. It was short-lived — only three years — and George came away knowing married life wasn’t for him, said the insider.

“George loves women. But he loves his pals, too. He’s got a gang of guys, all confirmed bachelors like him, and they love going out to strip bars and carousing around town.

“This past summer, six of them rented motorcycles in Italy and went on a tear throughout the Alps.

“There’s a side of him that can’t bear the thought of giving up that freedom to take off when the urge strikes.

“He’s a lot like his idol, Frank Sinatra, who played the same role as George in the original ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’

“Frank had his ‘broads’ and his Rat Pack of best pals. He knew what he wanted — and that’s George. He says he’s living the life he wants. Why would he want to screw that up by falling in love?”

A longtime friend revealed: “All of George’s female friends think he’d make a fabulous husband and father. In fact, pal Nicole Kidman made a bet several years ago when they were making a movie together that George would be wed by the time he turned 40.