Mike Walker

Penny-Pinching Amal Vs. Tip-Crazy Clooney

George's tipsy way to share the wealth!

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Mike Walker Reports… Told you back in July that big spender George Clooney’s tight-fisted bride, Amal, slammed a no-nonsense kibosh on those huge tips he routinely palms to worshipful waiters all over Tinseltown.

But now clever George instantly instituted a wily workaround that had even Wifey gasping at his ingenuity!

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Marveled a staffer at a super-trendy WeHo eatery: “Generous George hates leaving a place on a sour note, so he came up with a genius plan that got waiters singing his praises — and silenced Amal’s penny-pinching bitching!

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“Because he and best buddy Rande Gerber own the fabulous, high-end tequila brand Casamigas, George always ends evenings by ordering a bottle of its premium cru at full restaurant price — which runs upwards of a whopping $450.

“Then he autographs the label and gifts it as a tip to his waiter! Talk about a priceless solution!”