This time it’s personal as Beverly Hills matchmaker ORLY HADIDA vows to fight on after a California court dismissed her breach of contract lawsuit against Gayle King, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Known internationally as “Orly the Matchmak­er,” Hadida claimed Gayle approached her in 2009 because she was desperate to find a man “like Oprah’s boyfriend Stedman.” But in lieu of paying Orly’s usual $500,000 fee, Gayle promised to get her booked on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

The invitation never material­ized, and Oprah aired her final show in May of last year.

Orly sued Gayle, now a host on “CBS This Morning,” claiming she’d spent hundreds of hours trying to find potential lovers and offered up “at least five introduc­tions to attractive, fit and wealthy men.” Orly noted: “Gayle wanted someone who could wine, dine and spoil her…but passed on all the matches arranged by Orly – after they took her out and fed her!”

Gayle countersued, and Orly’s complaint was dismissed on Feb. 2 when a judge ruled that oral contracts involving dating services were not enforceable.

But the high-priced matchmaker isn’t ready to give up just yet. She’s now vowing to file a new suit on a different basis – charging Gayle with fraud and deceit. And this time she wants a jury trial!

“Orly is determined to make sure that Gayle understands you can’t use your celebrity power to take advantage of people,” revealed a family friend.

And Orly added: “I do expect my clients to compensate me for my services. Unfortunately, Gayle didn’t want to pay.”