Excuse Liza Minnelli if she doesn’t laugh at the season finale of HBO’s uproarious comedy “Sex and the City.”

The episode is a hilarious spoof of her recent over-the-top wedding to David Gest.

The ENQUIRER has an exclusive sneak peek at the season ender, called “I Love a Charade.”

In the show, a ritzy wedding — much like Liza’s — brings Carrie and Charlotte face-to-face with new loves, leaves Miranda wondering about a future with the father of her baby and drives Samantha to battle party-crashing bimbos.

“In the opening scene, the girls have just learned that socialite Bitsy Von Muffling plans to wed piano-bar crooner Bobby Fine (played by openly gay actor Nathan Lane),” explained a show insider. “All four are stunned by the news and muse over why Bitsy — with all her money and charm — would marry gay Bobby. They also question whether or not Bitsy and Bobby have sex.”

When Liza married producer David Gest in an incredibly extravagant ceremony March 16th in New York City, there was much speculation about their sex lives. But Liza herself answered the question in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, insisting that her husband is definitely NOT gay!

” ‘Sex and the City’ is really pushing the envelope on this one,” continued the insider. “But the writers believe that Liza will take the show’s parody of her wedding in good spirit — and probably think it’s a riot!

“Meanwhile, the four ‘Sex and the City’ stars all continue to seek ‘Mr. Right.’ Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) again hooks up with Steve — the father of her baby — and she catches herself wondering if there might be something more between them than just friends who accidentally slept together.

“Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is caught off guard when three bleached blonde ‘double D’ bimbos crash a party at her friend’s opulent Hamptons home, trading insults with Samantha and refusing to leave.

“Charlotte (Kristin Davis) can’t figure out her relationship with Harry — the sloppy, uncouth attorney who’s handling her divorce case. She finds herself both repelled and attracted to him — and they have wild sex together. But at the party she also finds herself growing to love him when he takes care of her drunken ex, Trey.

“In the last scene, which takes place at Bitsy and Bobby’s reception, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) bumps into Jack Berger, a handsome, witty, young writer who she first met while planning her publicity party. Jack has broken up with his girlfriend — and they agree that maybe they should go out on a date!

“Charlotte confides to Harry that she’s falling in love with him. He responds by telling her that he won’t be able to marry her — because she’s not Jewish!

“Charlotte is left speechless as the cliffhanger ends the season with a hilarious twist and a bang.”