Former Dallas thesp Victoria Principal has more than The Right Stuff – she wants to pilot Richard Branson‘s civilian space craft.

The still-smoking hot "Pam Ewing" has already shelled out a reported $200,000 for a seat on the Virgin’s magnate’s  space turista ship was present at  "White Knight Two" unveiling in the Mojave last week.

But just playing passenger isn’t enough for Victoria  – she wants to go full throttle!

"Richard was a little bit taken aback, but then they started to talk about whether Victoria could pilot the craft," a source revealed.

"By the end of the meeting, Richard told her he’d be happy for her to start training."

Victoria already has a pilot’s license but aeronautics insiders say there’s a world of difference between piloting a Piper Cub and a suborbital spacecraft.

Branson claims to have the flights ready by 2010 and in addition to the beauty, physicists Stephen Hawking and Prince Andrew’s daughter Beatrice have already signed up. 

The space flights will soar 70 miles above the Earth in the galactic six-seater and passengers will briefly experience weightlessness.