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Thanks, but no thanks! That’s what Lisa Kudrow told producers of the new “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff after she read the pilot script – and backed out of her decision to join the show’s cast.

Lisa was clamoring to get back on a top-rated TV series after the failure of her HBO series “The Comeback.”

But the former “Friends” star quickly realized she wasn’t going to be happy with her role on the “Grey’s” spinoff.

“The bottom line is that she didn’t want to play second banana to Kate Walsh,” said a source. “Lisa was in one of the most successful ensemble shows of all time, and what she really wants is to be the star of her own series.”

Lisa’s departure opened the door for “Judging Amy” star Amy Brenneman, who will replace Lisa in the highly anticipated ABC series. Pick up this week’s ENQUIRER for more details!