The boots ERROL FLYNN made famous in “THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD” hit the auction block.

Much like Judy Garland’s WIZARD OF OZ ruby red slippers the screen thrills idol’s footwear is expected to reap a bounty of plunder.

The rust-colored suede boots were donned by Errol in the swashbuckler which was the most expensive film made by Warner Brothers at the time.

The then-new three-strip Technicolor wasn’t a cheap process and the Brothers Warner gave it their all surrounding Flynn with a stellar cast, top drawer production and his most luminous leading lady Olivia deHavilland as Maid Marian.

Despite several filmed versions of the Robin Hood saga, Flynn’s version is considered the definitive Hollywood treatment replete with lush scoring by Viennese movie maestro Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

Flynn’s Hood heels are said to garner a  minimum of   $3,140 when they are sold by Arthur Johnson & Sons auctioneers in the medieval hero’s home city of Nottingham on September 21.

They will go on sale along with 20,000 theatrical costumes being sold by former costume hire shop owner Andrew Wilson-Jenner, who bought them in the 1980s, The UK Daily Mail reported.

“The boots are still in very good condition,” Wilson-Jenner said. “It’s ironic that the boots are walking home to Nottingham. We hope their legacy may reach a wider public who still cherish their place in film history.”

Not “ironic”, sir, but fittingly apropos.

“May I command ALL your commands with equal pleasure, sire!” Robin Flynn had cried as the great doors swung shut — the music swelling and then fading to BLACK.