KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! Ex-Marine FLASH GORDON star SAM J. JONES will save every one of us – for real!

Sam, a former marine was catapulted to pop cult superstar when he starred in the glitzy feature version of Dino De Laurentiis’ production of FLASH GORDON based on the classic comic strip created by Alex Raymond. And Jones is such an iconic character as Flash he even made appearance in Seth McFarlane’s flick “Ted” in full Mongo- bashing regalia.

While the film seemed to have everything going for it on paper, a great cast including Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed, Max Von Sydow, Topol, and Ornella Muti, ornate production design and music by Queen, the film failed to catch fire at the box office.

Sadly, neither did Sam’s career despite giving the role all he had. Still it was no mean feat to try and make the public forget the original 1930s Flash Gordon serials star – Buster Crabbe. And in the wake of high end SFX extravaganzas like “Star Wars” 1977 and “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” 1979, auds were seeking sci-fi with a bit more high-tech not pop art cartoon lavishness (although masterfully designed by Fellini’s former collaborator, Danilo Donati).

Despite toplining as Will Eisner’s titular comic strip hero “The Spirit” in an unsold TV pilot, and a few minor roles, Sam finally got out of the business. But he wanted to steer clear of Comic-Con idolatry for a lean payday alongside ex-Hulks, bloated boy wonders and one-time Klingons.

Entering his 50s, Sam started a new career — as a bodyguard and hostage extraction specialist to the wealthy in hostile foreign environments. After completing specialized training, one of Sam’s first action-packed real life adventures was jetting to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to protect execs that foolishly remained in the devastated area.

Jones then founded and became the CEO of his own hi-tech security firm, Inner Cordon Inc.

Sam’s specialty? Providing protection for the rich and powerful who venture into high-risk danger zones –like the lawless drug ridden gang ruled areas of Mexico — where life is cheap and being a rich American gringo is open invitation for robbery, kidnapping and death.

When Baja California was under siege, beleaguered police officers were getting killed daily, so Sam stepped up, offering his company's services to help train Tijuana's law enforcement personnel . 

While his company, Inner Cordon, has become very successful, Jones said his biggest challenge now is getting folks to take him seriously — especially if they recognize him from his former gig as savior of the universe.

“Thank God I knew you as a security professional before I found out you were Flash Gordon!” a client told him.