Video has reportedly emerged of insufferable twerp taking a leak in a restaurant’s mop bucket, ranting and screaming “F**k Bill Clinton!” WHY???

The purported clip was lensed earlier this year in New York City as The Biebs, seemingly drunk as a skunk, were leaving a nightclub.

As the urge to purge hit him, Bieber needed to urinate but rather than retreat to the men’s room he let fly into the nearest thing available –  a yellow mop bucket usually used to soap the sodden floors of the traditionally puke drenched club .

In the clip, Biebs’ posse act like the staff should be honored that Lil’ Snot Nose Justin deigned to relieve himself in such a manner.

As the spy-cam vid comes to its boozy apparent conclusion, Bieber grabs some cleaning  liquid and sprays a photo of the former President saying “F**k Bill Clinton!”

AS The ENQUIRER previously reported bad boy Bieber will inevitably find himself in rehab.

He’s making Lindsay Lohan seem normal, now.