Fighting Mad Paula Deen’s Revenge

Fighting Mad Paula Deen’s Revenge thumbnail

Disgraced deep fried diva mounts comeback trail – serving up tasty bytes digitally. All the deets!

Paula Deen, whose career was seemingly TKO-ed after  admitting she dropped racial slurs during a contentious court case, is mounting a comeback by going digital.

Deen has launched Paula Deen Ventures to help launch a comeback for Deen. Thecompany announced plans  for the creation of the Paula Deen Network.

The paid subscription-based network is skedded to launch in September and will be accessible by computer, smartphone or tablet sidestepping PC wary network execs.

The Paul Deen net will feature daily programming in an unscripted format with new recipes, episodes and cooking tools.

“We’re going to have so much fun being together and cooking up some wonderful new and classic dishes,” Deen said via PR.

“Y’all can get my recipes, tips and cooking anytime you want — this is for you. I can’t wait to crank up the oven and get cooking for the people I love: my family, my friends and my fans!”

Production for the online net began in secret last month at a new studio in Savannah, Ga with a look that’s strikingly familiar.  It looks just like the set of her first TV hit, “Paula’s Home Cooking.” Paula will have a live studio audience, and celeb guest appearances are said to be slated.