Federal election officials say disgraced two time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS  owes taxpayers reimbursement of more than $2.1 million in public matching funds improperly received after he dropped out of his White House run.

Yet, disclosure reports show his failed campaign is still spending freely.

 Reports filed last week show his 2008 primary campaign spent $836,712 in 2011 on airfare, hotel rooms, cellphones and other expenses.

The campaign reported $2.1 million in cash remaining as of Dec. 31. 

According to feds,  more than $266,000 was paid in 2011 for salary, payroll and health insurance premiums.

A lawyers working for Edwards in the FEC conspiracy trial, said this week she could not comment, referring all questions to the campaign, AP reported.

A phone number by Edwards lawyer to contact the campaign office rang rang busy for days.

A receptionist for the management company that owns the Chapel Hill campaign street address  said Edwards had not been a tenant for more than three years.

As the ENQUIRER first reported after an exhaustive special investigation in July 2011, the Department of Justice indicted Edwards on six criminal counts related to campaign finance violations.  Feds charged Edwards used campaign money to fund a conspiracy of silence –hiding his affair with then-pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter.

The trial originally docketed for Jan. 30 was delayed when Edwards' revealed in court filings that he has a serious heart condition that requires treatment.

Edwards has maintained he is innocent of any wrong doing.