STEPHEN KING-type terror as plans to unearth a pet cemetery at the hotel that inspired THE SHINING has residents AND a TV medium in a tizzy!

The Coloradoan reported that residents in Estes Park, Col. are more than queasy at the plans to dig up a pet cemetery at the Stanley Hotel that inspirted horror master Stephen King’s terror tale “The Shining”.

The graves are to be moved to the other side of a small pond, making way for wedding and corporate retreat pavilion.

Neighbors say they fear the forthcoming construction as well as possible bad vibrations coming from the loss of the historic pet burial grounds.

 “Elsie,” “Holmes” and “Stanley Blue” I, II and III are among roughly dozen marked graves dating back to the 1960s, with stones and a tiny white fence marking the cemetery.

Local resident Roxanne VanSkiver said she believes more animals are buried there from even earlier times.

 “Stirring up the bones of the dead” could punch a hole in universes creating hotbed of paranormal nuttiness, said a local psychic medium who’s made her mark on the world of surreality TV.

And she’s not just talking about phantom poodles hell bent on wreaking revenge.

Rosemary McArthur, aka “The Celtic Lady” lives in Estes Park and was featured as a dog psychic on Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss”.

If animal spirits stuck “between this world and the other world” are disturbed, she claimed, there may be untold construction delays with pipes bursting and weird machinery breakdowns

This may be avoided if a *cough*psychic*cough comes to help those dearly departed critters make the transition, she said.

“They’ll pull the owners to them if the owners passed over and are unhappy,” McArthur told The Coloradoan.

The Stanley Hotel plans to hire people from a local cemetery to appropriately move the graves as the town elders reviewing their potentially eldritch plan.

While “The Shining” was inspired by a dream King had at the Stanley Hotel in the 1970s, King’s assistant said his book “Pet Sematary” was inspired by an actual pet cemetery in Orrington, Maine.

And yes, it does have a labyrinth grass maze.