Accused child pornographer, PFC. NASSER JASON ABDO who went AWOL, was busted with bomb-making materials near Fort Hood, Feds revealed.
Abdo faces federal charges after the FBI recovered guns and "bomb-making components, including gunpowder" in his room near the base.
Abdo, a practicing Muslim who comes from Texas had been fighting for conscientious objector status, disappeared from Fort Campbell in Kentucky where he was facing child pornography charges.
The 21-year-old raised eyebrows when he entered Guns Galore, LLC. the very same gun store near Ft. Hood where crazed killer Major Nidal Hassan purchased the weapons arsenal he used to slay 13 soldiers in 2009.
Store owners contacted feds after Abdo asked about 40-caliber bullets. 
He then bought three boxes of 12-gauge shotgun shells and a magazine for a pistol.
Abdo paid cash and took off in a cab.  He then went to a surplus ARMY store where he allegedly bought a military uniform emblazoned with Fort Hood patches.
The suspect was arrested by local PD and the case was quickly turned over to feds.
The FBI searched Abdo's hotel room and found gunpowder, shotgun shells, a pressure cooker, 18 pounds of sugar, four magazines and ammunition, CNN reported.
ABC News reported that during questioning, Abdo allegedly admitted he was planning some sort of attack at the base because he wanted to "get even."
The FBI plans to charge Abdo with possessing bomb-making components, at which time he would be transferred into federal custody.
Feds said there was nothing to suggest Abdo was "working with others."