Hollywood legend FAYE DUNAWAY muscled by NY courts, must pay rent or be EVICTED!

As The ENQUIRER reported previously the “Bonnie & Clyde" star leases a one bed room rent stabilized apartment on Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side for a little over $1000 a month which is 1/3 the going rate for the area and has been battling her landlord who’s been trying to evict her.

Under New York law, one cannot maintain a rent stabilized apartment if it is not their primary residence. 

Her landlord Henry Moses, Jr. filed suit against the actress in August in an eviction bid.

Faye fought back alleging the apartment was in a state of disrepair and offered up her keys to the landlord, insisting she had moved out back in May.

The two parties have been disputing the matter in court and Faye appeared in person for a court hearing in New York to try settle the matter in closed quarters with Judge John Stanley.

 Dunaway's attorney, Steve Ginsberg and Moses, Jr. AND his lawyer Craig S. Charlie, were also present at the closed-door discussions.

After the meeting, the landlord’s attorney claimed that Faye, who stopped paying rent when the lawsuit was filed, was NOW ordered to hand over the outstanding monies, while his client also agreed to carry out the required repairs.

The blockbuster legal case is docketed to return to court in March, 2012.