Hollywood icon FAYE DUNAWAY fights back at landlord trying to evict her!


As The ENQUIRER reported yesterday the Oscar winner was to be summoned to court over her rent stabilized Upper East Side Manhattan apartment.

The landlord said she doesn’t have the right to be there in his bombshell filing.

But now, Faye’s fighting the allegations.

“I have not been evicted,” she told The New York Times.

“I have chosen to leave because of the state of the apartment, and also because I am spending less and less time in New York.”

Faye revealed she gave up the apartment in May two months before the lease expired at the end of July because it was in a state of ruin.

Faye claimed her landlord “refused to paint the house, and bugs were everywhere.”

THAT’s how they get everyone to move OUT.

“He is a slum landlord,” she said.

“He has NO class.”