FORMER “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett is having a heavenly time with new “Angel” Drew Barrymore‘s former husband — wacky comic Tom Green!

The pairing of the 57-year-old actress with the 32-year-old “Freddy Got Fingered” star is the latest May-December romance to rock Hollywood since Demi Moore robbed Ashton Kutcher‘s cradle. “Farrah’s romance with Tom Green was a shock to say the least,” a close friend of Farrah’s family told The ENQUIRER.

“Her former love Ryan O’Neal can’t believe it’s true. He hopes Tom is sincere about dating Farrah and it’s not just for the publicity.

“Her son with Ryan, Redmond, hopes his mother is happy. But he’s not thrilled about having Tom Green as a potential stepdad. Who would?

“Ryan’s children, Tatum and especially Griffin, are still very close to Farrah. They think it’s just another one of Farrah’s many bizarre choices in men since splitting from their dad.

“But Farrah doesn’t mind a bit.” Farrah and Tom met at a celebrity poker event and hit it off so well that they had dinner the next night, the friend revealed.

“They’ve been dating steadily ever since.”

A source close to Tom Green told The ENQUIRER: “In a town that has seen it all, this is one of the weirdest pairings ever.

“Tom has done some crazy things before, so his friends are still not sure if this is some kind of a hoax or if he’s really serious about Farrah.

“Everyone has warned him that he’s not dealing with some young actress like his ex Drew Barrymore who can easily bounce back.

“But Tom seems to really like Farrah’s company.

“They play cards together. He makes her dinner. Stranger things have happened.”

Said another Hollywood insider: “Who’s to say why people are drawn to each other? Sure, Farrah’s older and Tom has a reputation as a goofball. But they are dating and have been for a while.

“It may not go the distance. But for now, they’re the latest odd couple in Hollywood.”

The friend added: “Farrah’s track record with guys hasn’t been all that hot. “Her marriage to Lee Majors ended in divorce. She hung in for nearly two decades in an on-again, off-again romance with Ryan before it fizzled.

“In 1998 Farrah dated James Orr, who beat her.

“He was later found guilty of battery.

“She’s had her ups and downs — and her family is praying that this affair with Tom is not another one of her downs!” — RICK EGUSQUIZA