PARTRIDGE FAMILY legend SHIRLEY JONES wanted to skydive to celebrate her 80th B-day but her worried fam ix-nay-ed the stunt.

Like President GWH Bush and other daredevils of the sky the “Oklahoma” beauty wanted to defy death and celebrate life in the most dramatic way an actress can – by jumping out of an airplane and plummeting downward in a death defying spiral until the very last second when she’d yank the rip cord releasing the life-saving plume.

A spokesman for Shirl said that she has agreed to postpone the jump after her sons and grandchildren asked her to reconsider the stunt. Jones had announced last week that she planned to celebrate her big day by jumping for the first time, which she claimed she had wanted to do her entire life.

Jones’ family held an intervention to prevent the feisty thesp from following through, the spokesperson revealed.

Shirley insists she still plans to skydive, though no date has been finalized.

Probably sometime when those pesky meddlesome kids are not looking.