Published on: April 10, 2013
Photography by: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Rumors abound that F TROOP star LARRY STORCH has died. BIG NOPE, The ENQUIRER has learned.

“News” that flies at the speed of light has more than surpassed Marshall McLuhan’s predictions of an electronic village beset by far flung thought.

Rumors and whispers would be more like it – thanks to Wikipedia, imdb and their like – not often known for super accuracy and the ability to be edited and changed by just about anyone with a grudge or product to promo.

Here’s what happened -- Wikipedia first changed their "Larry Storch" entry to add a day of death – today - which sent bloggers all a-Twitter.

The Den of Geek kicked it up a notch with “Larry Storch Dead at 90!” header.

Famed illustrator and longtime Storch pal Drew Friedman set the record straight posting “THIS JUST IN! IT'S BEEN CONFIRMED THAT LARRY STORCH IS ALIVE & WELL, AND PLAYING HIS SAX!!”


Storch is best remembered as Corporal Randolph Agarn on the TV series "F-Troop" and also provided the voice of Mr. Whoopie on the children’s cartoon "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales".

It was Storch who originated the Cary Grant riff “Judy! Judy! Judy!” in his impersonation of the movie star.