A priest who performed an exorcism on a teen girl claims he’s receiving hate texts from the demon that has possessed her cell phone!

Polish Parish priest Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, Poland said he started getting the texts after carrying out an exorcism on a teenage girl, The Austrian Times reported.

But he now Father Rajchel admits his attempt dive the demon from the girl’s body has failed The teenager is now to attack him via using mobile phone messages which are clearly messages from  the hell sent entity in control of her very being.

"The author of these texts is an evil spirit who has possessed her soul," Taher Rajchel told local media.

The devil and his disciples were non-too shy about using modern tech but that in many cases their actions were not readily identified as being the work of the damned.

"Often the owners of mobile phones are not even aware that they are been used like this, however in this case it is clear," he divulged.

One of the text messages read: "She will not come out of this hell. She’s mine. Anyone who prays for her will die."

The good padre said that had spurred him to pray even harder and he sent back a text full of hope.

Chillingly, he received this message back –"Shut up, preacher. You cannot save yourself. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher."

Father Rajchel warned, "Clearly this young girl has been possessed, and needs further help.”