O.J. Simpson has gone completely off the deep end – tormented by demons and talking to the ghost of his murdered ex-wife Nicole.

"He said he dreams of Nicole each night, and she tells him that there is an afterlife with forgiveness, respect and peace," a source close to the disgraced gridiron great told The ENQUIRER.

After no-nonsense Judge Jackie Glass slammed Simpson with a maximum 33-year sentence for his recent conviction of kidnapping and armed robbery charges, the aging athlete went into a tailspin.

"O.J. knew he had gotten away with murder, and arrogantly believed he would get off the hook on these charges, too," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "When they took him back to his cell after sentencing, he began crying and screaming like a crazy man."

Added the close source: "A sobbing O.J. told a friend, ‘The whole world hates me. Can I ever get forgiveness?’

"He is being stalked at night by demons and ghosts, and has turned to God. He fell to his knees and prayed, ‘Lord, please forgive me and help me to live through this nightmare!’"

"He’s convinced he will die behind bars," said the close source. "The black prisoners see him as a ‘sell-out,’ and the white supremacists see him as a black celebrity who killed two white people.

"O.J. believes he is a dead man walking."

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