TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES shared a tense “last supper” together in an Icelan­dic sushi joint before Katie’s bombshell announcement that she was divorcing her superstar husband, The ENQUIRER has learned.

One of our top in­vestigative reporters traveled to far-off Iceland to retrace Tom and Ka­tie’s final footsteps as a couple and can now offer readers an exclusive look at the lavish hotel suite where they spent their final night together. Plus, we found the posh mountaintop retreat where Tom was blindsided by the crushing news that his wife of five years had filed for divorce.

On June 15, Tom, Katie and their daughter Suri, 6, flew into Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik on their private jet. Tom was shooting the movie “Oblivion” in Iceland, and Katie and Suri had joined him for Father’s Day weekend.

Upon their arrival, they immediately checked into the $1,000-a-night Presi­dential Suite of the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica hotel. “The suite has a sweep­ing view of the bay,” a hotel insider told The ENQUIRER. “It’s the best hotel room in all of Iceland.”

The nearly 1,200-square-foot suite has a 180-degree view of the city and the mountains and is reportedly a fa­vorite of Kate Winslet and Yoko Ono. The huge master bath has a deep Ja­cuzzi-style tub that offers yet another breathtaking view of the mountains.

The hotel insider revealed exclusively to The ENQUIRER that Tom’s security team put black duct tape over all of the security cameras located in the ceilings on the 9th floor corridor where the suite, room 926, was located.

An ENQUIRER re­porter who visited the suite in the days fol­lowing the divorce announcement found the duct tape still attached to a video camera outside the room.

Although the hotel insider says the cameras were cov­ered because Tom didn’t want any videos of him and Katie leaked, a friend believes that the actor may have been trying to cover up their sleeping arrangements. “Neither Tom nor Ka­tie let on that they were having problems,” said the friend. “It would have been a red flag if Katie had requested her own room, so no one knows for sure whether they spent their final night together as husband and wife sleep­ing in the same bed – or if Tom had to sleep in another part of the suite. But they certainly kept up appearances.”

While they were spotted strolling through Reykjavik, locals noted that Tom seemed to be leading her by the hand and she constantly looked downward. The cracks in the mar­riage were once again evident when Tom, Katie and Suri dined at a local hotspot, Sushi Samba, on June 16.

“They were seated in a corner booth, with Katie in the middle,” restaurant manager Orri Pall Vilhjalmsson told The ENQUIRER. “They spent about two hours here, ordering various su­shi rolls, edamame and Pellegrino water.

“Tom and Katie appeared to be be having a serious conversation throughout dinner. The only time I saw them smile was when they were talking with their daughter, Suri.”

Another eyewitness added that Ka­tie seemed to be picking at her food, and neither she nor Tom ate very much. “She had this stoic look on her face,” the eyewitness said. “She really didn’t show any emotion – she was almost robotic. She looked miserable throughout the entire meal, apart from the time when she chatted with Suri. When they got up from the table to leave, Tom grabbed Katie’s hand. She didn’t put up any resistance, but she really didn’t look happy about it.”

On June 18, Tom accompanied Katie and Suri to the Reykjavik Airport, where mother and daughter boarded a private plane back to New York. The following day, Tom flew to the town of Akureyri, about 240 miles north of Reykjavik, where he stayed at a luxurious mountain­top villa just outside of town. “Tom’s helicopter would shuttle him every day from the property to the set in the mountains some 50 miles away,” said a source. “He never went into town.”

It was in this villa that Tom Cruise learned he was heading for his third divorce.